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Places you might see me online

Email: naesdraw(a)

Windows Live Messenger: naesdraw(a)

AIM: pezbrat1 (Subject to change)

Rebel Squadrons: Naes Draw reporting for duty, sir! 
Commanding Officer for the best squadron in the fleet,   Dagger Squadron. ": ) 
To The HILT!!! | @[==>

Skyrates: Naes Draw, a proud Azure Leaguer, and combat pilot. (blue)

Blockland: LCLNaesDrawRS, usually hosting the server, Super DM Build 2.0, which used to be a server back in the old days of the first RTB mod, and was run by my friend Swifty and me.

Steam games: Naes Draw, I play Counter-Strike, Gmod, Team Fortress 2 to name a few.

Game Maker/YoYo Games: NaesDraw, some day I'll get a release out, that will be under Naes Draw-Event Games.                          

Facebook: If you have a reason to be on it, you'd know how to do so...

Anywhere else: Naes Draw, to my knowledge I'm one of two who has this name. See World Sex Tourism Guide

World Sex Tourism Guide: NOT me. I didn't write it, had nothing to do with it.