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Favorite Offline Games

Key: Favorite series (Favorite game in series)

The Legend of Zelda (Ocarina of Time for first love, Twilight Princess for current fav. Midna > Navi)

Half-Life (Half-Life 2, for the awesome. Also, Gmod.)

Portal (Yeah, it's sorta HL, but it HAS to go in here, or I don't get any cake.)

X-Wing (Tough one, but I'll go for X-Wing Alliance's SP. "Aeron? Is that you in the Z-95?" )

Star Fox (Star Fox 64, Command is nice, but "Tap Z or R twice".... Yeah. Can't beat that.)

Metroid (Wow, what to pick... Zero Mission, for rockin' the old-skool.)

Myst (The first, the original, Myst. Lousy with tones + that spaceship puzzle = GAHHHH)

Age of Empires (Age of Kings. Screw you, Aztec scum! And Cho Ko Nu wins best arrow shooter.)

Lego Star Wars (Original Trilogy. "Luke, I AM your father!" charade wins, and Wedge in the end scene.)

X-Com (UFO, for being the most fun you can have with a Windows 3.1 short of uninstalling it.)

Halo (Only got one. I STILL say I could hit those Banshees' on Foehammer's six. We'll miss you, Echo 419)

Ace Combat (4. Stonehenge. Keep under 2k feet. Mobius One, Fox Two. The only reason I'd get a PS2.)