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I pity the foo who don't join 4H! Join it, foo!

Join 4H! I've been in it for years and it's really a good thing to get into. It's way more then just livestock, it's computers, photography, small engines, consumer judging, loads of stuff! Check it out, foo.

Join the Republic Shield fleet and save the galaxy! ":)

Like playing Star Wars games? Like playing with other people? X-wing, Battlefront, Empire at War? SWG? D6 roleplay even? Join the Rebel Squadrons today!

Nerf on or ^#%& off!

Do you have nerf? Like nerf? Have coworkers who shoot you with nerf? This is one of the best sites pertaining to nerf on the web! Find wars, mods, new blasters, Vacc, and much more!


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