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An intro to the internet

[Welcome to #Intro! If you have any questions, just ask @Site. (EST)]

You have joined channel #Intro, admins in channel(@Site.)

(@Site) Hello, how are you?

(Guest) "I'm doing fine, thanks."

(@Site) Don't you mean, kthx?

(Guest) "No, I said what I meant..."

(@Site) Rlly?

(Guest) "No, I LIED"

(@Site) Good, because this IS the interwebs, you know. You are supposed to lie, cheat, steal, flame, plenty of drama-inducing action.

(Guest) "If I wanted drama, I'd have gone to the theatre."

(@Site) You know, people are gonna flame you for that spelling.

(Guest) "That's their problem, then."

(@Site) Ho boy.. The trolls are goin' to have a field day with YOU!

(Guest) "Trolls? What is this?"

(@Site) Are you THAT much of a noob?

(1337_MaN) ZOmg! u r @ n00blet 4 reels, lolfag!

(Guest) "Say what?"

(@Site) [1337_MaN was BANNED by admin @Site (Reason-"And you are a /b/-tard, get back in your hole and stay there.")]

(Guest) "What was that about?"

(@Site) THAT, my newbie friend, was a idiot. It could also be called a troll. They were people just like you once, and either didn't get taught in the ways of the net, or did, and didn't care.

(Guest) "Good to know, thank you."

(@Site) You know, it would help if you didn't reek of newbie. Do you have a name you use, like a nickname, or something in games?

(Guest) "Yeah, I use "Zap" a lot."

(@Site) Nice, it has all the important qualities of a good 'nick. 
1: No one knows what it's from 
2: It isn't some leet-speak crap like sparky up there I just banned. Now, type "/nick Zap"

Guest has changed nickname to Zap

(Zap) "Like that?"

(@Site) Well done, my apprentice.

(Zap) "What is /b/?"

(@Site) D: First rule of the internet: Don't talk about /b/. My advice, forget you ever heard the letter. It's the Mos Eisley of the internet.

(Zap) "A 'wretched hive of scum and villainy.'?"

(@Site) VERY good. And yes. Only more so.

(Zap) "What else can you teach me, Master @Site?"

(@Site) Just call me Site, the @ is to show I'm an administrator on this channel, means I run it.

(@Site) And quit talking with the ""s, this isn't a RP channel.

@Site leans back in his nice comfy chair, taking a swig of Geek Beer as he does. ((Yes, I AM in fact a hypocrite.))

(Zap) RP? What's that?

(@Site) Roleplay. People acting out a different role then their own. Everything from Dungeons &Dragons style stuff, to Star Wars, and... well, Other Things. Some people like 'em, some don't.

(Zap) D&D? I'm a good GM in my own right. Know where I might find something like that?

(@Site) <- This, my friend, is the most likely response to a question you'll get. It means search it.

(Zap) Thanks.

(@Site) Ok, I need to take the chan down for the night. Glad I could help!

(Zap) But wait! There's still so much I don't know!

(@Site) My last piece of advice to you, "You don't like it, there's the back button." Something you don't like, instead of arguing over it, just move along. It saves everyone from getting upset at each other.

(Zap) Thank you, Site. Will I ever see you again?

(@Site-PM) Maybe. This isn't my normal nick. If you ever see a "Naes Draw", say hi. He's a "friend" of mine.  ; )

[You have been disconnected from #Intro]

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